Several Wellspring program leaders were recently recognized for 10 years of dedication and making a difference in the Wellspring community.

Marguerite Arbour
Marguerite has been a yoga instructor at Wellspring since 2004.  She teaches yoga and gentle yoga at Wellspring Downtown and Wellspring Westerkirk House at Sunnybrook. Marguerite is a very dedicated leader and the members appreciate the individual attention she gives to each person with her kind, gentle manner.

Shari Geller
Shari introduced the Drumming program to Wellspring in 2004.  This program, also known as Therapeutic Rhythm and Mindfulness, is about cultivating joy with group drumming, and acceptance with mindfulness, while releasing difficult emotions and/or trauma.   The Wellspring members have benefited from Shari’s passion about the potential of each and every person to create a healthy and joyful life.

Judy Gould
In her 11 years at Wellspring, Judy has taught a variety of programs, including The Healing Journey, Relaxation and Visualization, Mindful Walking and Returning to Work.  Judy’s calm, quiet presence is a lovely addition to the Wellspring leader team.

Elaine Rapp
Elaine is a palliative care social worker at the Odette Cancer Centre, and she leads the Bereavement Support Group at Wellspring Westerkirk.  Elaine’s compassion and experience provide comfort and help to the bereaved members here at Wellspring.

Elva Palo
Elva’s passion for Art and the Art Therapy is only surpassed by her dedication to providing the program at Wellspring, and ensuring a complete and unique experience for each member.  Elva’s ability to sit with individuals and be present for them during this very challenging time has endeared her to our members, as is the amount of time Elva dedicates to the program. Without ever rushing a member to complete their work, Elva happily spends hours preparing for, and cleaning up after classes. Elva will soon be channeling her passion and energy into other areas of Wellspring, having recently been trained to facilitate the Healing Journey Program.

Catherine Manning
Catherine’s soft and quiet nature and beautiful voice is a welcoming experience for members participating in the Music Therapy program. Catherine helps members find relaxation, renewed energy and immense joy as she encourages them to share and express themselves through music.  Often seen carrying into Wellspring a variety of musical instruments, Catherine makes it her mission to ensure that each member has an enriching experience. In the future, Catherine hopes to expand her training in order to facilitate the Healing Journey Program.

Lyn McMahon
Lyn has facilitated been leading the Qi Gong program at Wellspring since 2004. Her calm and welcoming nature ensures that members unfamiliar with the practice of Qi Gong are quickly invigorated and excited to learn this vast art of using meditation, relaxation, , simple movement and breathing exercises to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance.  Lyn’s students appreciate her dedication to making a difference in their lives.

Jennifer Alexander and Sandra Millar
Jennifer Alexander and Sandra Millar have shown extraordinary dedication to  members of the LGBT community, and to Wellspring.   They bring to leadership of the Lesbians’ and Partners’ Support Group a deep understanding of the unique experiences of the LGBT community with respect to health services and supportive care, and have been tireless in bringing awareness, compassionate and direct care to those affected by cancer.  In addition to 10 years of service to Wellspring and its programs, they have each worked mindfully in their community to bridge the gap and ensure that all feel safe, welcomed and respected at Wellspring.

Vieslav Krystyan
Vieslav has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation for over thirty years.  This wealth of knowledge and experience has made Vieslav a mainstay of yoga leadership at Wellspring for the past 10 years.  His teaching style is to “connect with and open the heart”, which includes oneself, and others, in all aspects of life.  This style is very inviting to Wellspring’s members who attend for Vieslav’s focus on mindfulness, inner awareness, creating a sense of easefulness and deep relaxation.  Vieslav’s passion for helping those going through cancer shines through his teaching style, and his dedication to Wellspring shines through his long-service 10-year milestone.