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Getting ready for Tax Time

Posted on February 10th, 2014 | 2 Comments

It’s tax time again, and many cancer patients have extra medical costs that could be used as a tax credit. On your annual income tax, there is the Medical Expenses Tax Credit. For the 2013 tax year, the credit is $2,152 or three percent of your net income – whichever is less. So if your… [Read More]

Written by Jordan Waldman, CHS Life insurance is an investment like no other. It is an investment to protect the financial future of the people around you so they are able to cover the financial burdens while missing a loved one that once supported them financially. When buying life insurance, people must understand that the… [Read More]

For many of us, the RRSP contribution we make every year is viewed mainly as a way to reduce taxes payable, without a great deal of focus on what will be done with it in the future.  With an aging population, the focus is beginning to shift to turning those years of savings into an… [Read More]

For Financial Literacy Month, RBC Foundation wrote an article highlighting the financial issues facing cancer patients. For many people diagnosed with cancer, financial worries go hand-in-hand with the diagnosis. RBC Foundation is one of the longest standing Wellspring supporters, having made their first donation to Wellspring in 1992.  Recently RBC Foundation exceeded the $1-million mark… [Read More]


Employed parents who have a sick child will soon be eligible for a new financial security blanket. Starting next year, Employment Insurance will offer a new program providing EI benefits for parents who have a seriously ill child and have to leave work to provide care. Occasionally I would get calls from parents describing their… [Read More]


If you have ever completed, or helped someone to complete, the CPP Disability application, you know two things – it’s long, and it’s complicated. At the Wellspring ‘Money Matters’ program, we frequently help cancer patients to navigate through the application, pointing out highlights and areas where detailed and specific information is needed. The staff at… [Read More]


It was announced at the March 27, 2012 Ontario Provincial Budget that social assistance rates will be frozen for the next year. Social Assistance inOntariocomprises two main programs – Ontario Works (OW), formerly called “welfare” and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). Ontario Works is a municipal program, so payment rates can vary around the… [Read More]


The CanadaPension Plan – Disability Benefits (CPPD) program recently released their annual “Staying in Touch” newsletter. To find the newsletter online, visit The CPP rates rose slightly this year – a maximum CPPD pension is $1185.50/month and the average CPPD pension is $843.27/month. As well, the Children’s Pension (for children with a parent who… [Read More]


Starting in 2012, the Canada Pension Plan Retirement Benefit is undertaking some new initiatives that will impact workers who retire and take their pension early as well as for those who receive their retirement pension and then return to work. Some of the more specific details of the program changes include: An increase in the… [Read More]

It is known that EI Regular Benefits are for folks who are ready, willing and able to work. For those who leave the country for vacation during their claim period, they may find their benefits are not paid for their period of vacation and their ongoing eligibility could come under review. This kind of makes… [Read More]

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