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Here is the last article of the Sexuality and Cancer series by Dr. Anne Katz RN Phd.  You can read the previous articles here  (part one), part two here and three here. Week Four: Cancer and – How to Talk About it Anne Katz RN PhD Oncology care providers should be asking cancer survivors about sexual changes after any kind of cancer…… [Read More]


Week Three: Cancer Affecting Other Organs

Posted on December 1st, 2011 | 3 Comments

Here is the third article of the Sexuality and Cancer series.  See part one here and part two here. There are a number of cancers that don’t involve the sex organs that can still affect sexuality.  The treatments for colorectal cancer cause significant problems due to internal scar tissue development and interruption to nerve supply… [Read More]


Impact of Cancer on Sexuality

Posted on November 25th, 2011 | 5 Comments

Last week we kicked off our cancer and sexuality series exploring the connection between sexuality and cancer.  Today, we’ll look closer at the impact cancer has on sexuality. The breasts, prostate, uterus and cervix, testicles and penis are the sexual organs most often thought of as being affected by cancer – or more accurately, its… [Read More]


Today we’re starting a new series on the blog: Cancer and Sexuality.  Each week will be a new post from Dr. Anne Katz RN PhD. The connection between sexuality and cancer is pretty strong, and very real. Some of you may know from personal experience – and if you continue to read this blog over… [Read More]

The experience of cancer in young adulthood is different than in other age groups.  Research has been consistent in identifying several unique features. Significant isolation is one of those key factors.  Rarely do young adults with cancer have a peer who also has cancer, and their health prohibits them from participating in the prevalent social… [Read More]